Providing local native plants to the north and east of Melbourne, Australia
Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative - VINC

Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative - VINC

Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Co-operative (VINC) is located on picturesque Yarra Bend Road in Fairfield, just 4km north-east of Melbourne CBD, Australia.

VINC has been propagating and supplying local native (indigenous) plants to schools, local government and government agencies, community groups, landscape gardeners and members of the public in the North and inner East of Melbourne since 1985.

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Closed: SATURDAYS FROM 27 December 2014 – 28 February 2015
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Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative - VINC


Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Co-operative (VINC) is very pleased to present;


Kenneth Bullís Deluxe folio
Art at VINCFor sale and at present exclusive to VINC. Each folio contains 8 illustrated examples of the indigenous flora of the Yarra River catchment area of Melbourne, Australia. Many plant species including a few represented in the folio were used by aboriginal peoples of this area for food, medicinal and other utilitarian purposes. They formed an integral basis for survival over many thousands of years.Each original print is individually hand-coloured in watercolour and signed by the artist.
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victorian indigenous nurseries cooperative

For many years VINC was situated at CERES in Brunswick. VINC is a not for profit co-operative run by a Board of Management, and has both paid staff and volunteers. VINC runs information days, has planting days in Yarra Bend Park, sponsors Friends of VINC Wetlands, and supports a volunteer group in the nursery.
Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative - VINC
Why Choose Local Indigenous Plants?

Indigenous plants have adapted to our local conditions over thousands of years and are suited to the soil, rainfall and topography. Native plants:
  • attract birds, butterflies and frogs to your garden by providing seed, berries, perching sites and protection;
  • restore wildlife corridors, linking parks, habitat areas, remnant vegetation and flight zones;
  • require less maintenance, less pesticide and less fertilizer;
  • restore the local character of the area;
  • can be used in large and difficult areas, such as school yards and creek frontages to great effect and at low cost using tubestock plants.
Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative - VINC

Designing With Native Plants

Many indigenous plants are associated with grazing by wallabies, so can be hedged with dramatic effect in formal gardens. Low borders can be created with daisies and ground covers.

Shade loving lillies, bluebills and daisies can be grown in compact courtyards, creating butterfly gardens or, with a pond, frogscaping.

Dense plantings using colour, texture, foliage and shape, create fascinating cottage garden effects with year round interest.

Be inspired by the Australian landscape, and create an informal garden for yourself and the birds.

Well grown indigenous plants can be a useful addition to a general garden, providing a lower maintenance area, or plants for that difficult area.

Come and visit our comprehensive retail section at Yarra Bend Road, Fairfield, 3078.

VINC retail area

Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative - VINC
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